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Read best book articles written by me in this space. None of the books I recommend here are sponsored or under any paid collaborations. I talk about books and recommend books only and only if I enjoyed reading it.

Book Articles

Best eBook Recommendations || Non Fiction

Here are few recommendations of books which you can start reading to make more productive use of your time if you are quarantined. I have tried to list down short books, say 100 to 200 pages long, so that you can carry on and even new readers can find it easier to start cultivating this habit.
Recommendations on –
1. Memoir, Biography, Autobiographies
2. Habits and Leadership
3. Start Ups
4. Personality Development


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Popular Books which I Still Haven’t Read – Harry Potter, Murakami and more!

(Warning – They are insanely loved. If you feel that knowing about the list of the books I haven’t read will harm our friendship, kindly do not proceed with the reading because I shall read em all real soon. Have a good day! :p)
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