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Asain Readathon (Country wise) Recommendations – 2020

Asian Authors Recommendations -

I recently came across an Asian Readathon which is hosted by Cindy and was totally taken away with it! I knew I wanted to participate and read more diverse books and there I was selecting and shortlisting books for the ASIAN READATHON 2020!

Here is the list of books I plan to read in May 2020 for the Asain Readathon (Country wise). I also have a video recorded and uploaded on my Youtube Channel – CLICK HERE talking about books I plan to read and recommended few Asian Authors and the books by them to read.

If you wish to read any specific review of a particular book, let me know and I shall update the same as soon as I finish reading the book!



Lebanese AUTHOR(S)

Israeli AUTHOR(S)

Japanese AUTHOR(S)

Bangladeshi AUTHOR(S)



So that was my TBR pile for the Asian Readathon. 14 books! I have never read 14 books in a month but I have never been home for an entire month too – so maybe the lock down situation in India will help me read more because there is zero traveling or socializing! Plus 5 to 6 books among those are less than 100 pages so I am positive I’ll be able to read most of them.

I am so excited to read all of these books because they come from a very diverse background. All these authors, from different nationalities, means I get to travel all those places they have described in the book! That honestly is one of the best things of reading a book. You learn a bit about a new country and their culture, daily living without even traveling there.

Do you have any recommendations?

Any Asian Author Recommendations from your end will be very much appreciated! Please drop in the name of the books or authors which you think I must absolutely read.

I hope you found the Asain Readathon (Country wise) recommendations useful and were able to select a title for yourself! I would really love to hear from you which books(s) are you planning to read written by Asian Authors and dive into to learn about a different culture. It is a blessing that we are in he company of books when you are forced to lock yourself inside because of the corona virus. We need to appreciate books more than what we already do..

In my booktube video, I’ve briefly talked about each book which I’ve selected for the Asain Readathon (Country wise). Check it out – CLICK HERE.

Bye, for now. I shall get back to reading because I have got a lot on my plate for the Asian Readathon 2020.

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