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11 BEST BOOKS WOMEN MUST READ – Finance, Relations, Empowerment & History.

11 Best Books Every Woman Should Read :


I’ll leave the above line for you to finish. There indeed is something very powerful about that particular song. We are well aware about the plus and the minus points of being whoever we are. Whichever gender we realize ourselves with comes with it’s own sets of struggles. But let us, atleast for once, move above criticizing and work to be better at whoever we are – HUMANS.

However, in honor of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, I have complied a list of 11 books which I believe every woman should read! The list is not restrictive to self-help but is about empowerment, improving financial health, about love and relations and about the women in history & Indian mythology.

Women might be looked upon as the weaker sex, but we are all equal no matter what we think or pass an opinion on.

Here are few books I have curated only for you to read and reflect on to be a better person. These books will help you emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. I sincerely hope that the world treats you better and you do the same for others. We can exist peacefully only if we co-exist with love and respect. I hope you find a book which makes you better than who you are today.






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– Kinjal Parekh

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