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The Bookish Santa (Santa has a website!??)

Where exactly does Santa go once the Christmas time ends? A loooong vacation? I bet you not. Over my bookstagramming journey, I have met many nerds over the past few years.

Allow me to introduce you to one such nerd who is not only a reader but a Santa – The Bookish Santa.

Well, what’s cool is that this Santa has a website of his own – CLICK HERE to check Santa’s website.

Bookish Santa is an e-commerce website who aims to provide quality literature to the enthusiasts at affordable prices and promote the reading culture among the younger generations in India.

What I love is how easy and user-friendly their website is which makes the entire buying book experience easy within a matter of time. Seasonal Discounts to interesting quizzes which can win you books, this Santa has his own creative way of sending in free books to the chosen one… Well, who doesn’t want more books!? – We all do want one!

Seems like this Santa is on a consignment and a mission dedicated only for nerds like us. The best part is that he stays throughout the year and never disappears once Christmas time ends. Isn’t he the most loyal Santa you would ever meet? I’ve had a pleasant experience with Santa and have been lucky enough to meet him (how cool is that!?). Visit his website and shower yourself with books at affordable prices with heavy discounts. You can also avail a discount over your orders by using my coupon code ‘KINJALPAREKH‘.

Let us spread books. Let us all spread love.

That’s exactly what The Bookish Santa says.

Kinjal Parekh

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