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Best eBook Recommendations || Non Fiction

Non Fiction Ebook Recommendations :

Note – You don’t need to purchase a kindle to read Kindle-Edition books. You can download the KINDLE APPLICATION in your device, make a purchase via amazon/other e-sites and your purchase will reflect in the application in your device.

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Here are few best eBook recommendations which you can start reading to make more productive use of your time if you are quarantined. I have tried to list down short books, say 150 to 250 pages long, so that you can carry with reading and even new readers can find it easier to start cultivating this habit.

The following books are directly linked to the e-book version only.

The eBook recommendations are separated on the basis of types and genres. The following books are perfect for new readers too.

1. Memoir, Biography, Autobiographies  2. Habits and Leadership
3. StartUps  4. Personality Development

Memoir, Biography and Autobiography

On Habits and Leadership


Personality Development

Non fiction books have always proved to be helpful to learn and grow our knowledge base. These recommendations will help you get insights in the writer’s life and also help you to think for yourself. How shall you find a purpose in your life? What is actually important an how exactly does habit help? If you are feeling lost are feel like nothing is falling into place, a good book will always guide you. I hope you find a perfect book whenever you are in need.

These books are comparatively cheaper than the physical copy but as knowledgeable that ever! It is very important to read books which help us with value addition and personality development. You can also buy many such brilliant non fictions from an e-commerce site Bookish Santa which is a bookish start ups. To avail further discounts, you can use my code ‘KINJALPAREKH‘.

If you found these non fiction recommendations helpful, please do not hesitate to share and pass it on! Someone else might just find a book which they might be searching for.

– Kinjal Parekh

Kinjal Parekh

Book Blogger || Finance Blogger || Mumbai, India || Indian Booktuber. Kinjal Parekh is highly passionate about reading books and learning about history. Her favorite genres include historic fictions, history non-fiction, mind-body-spirit and poetry books. She loves when a book makes her cry and make her feel vulnerable and emphatic. Apart from books, Kinjal loves to explore and understand how the financial and the economic world works for which she keeps reading economic, financial and business books. One book at a time, she aims to motivate non-readers cultivate the reading habit. She can talk about books all day and night and often tends to cancel out-side plans to stay back home and read a book.

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