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I never read a book until I was 19 #WorldBookDay || Kinjal Parekh

“I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.” – Orhan Pamuk

I have a story to share with you this World Book Day. I’ve never been a reader when I was little. Library period never excited me. Or that if it did, it was only because I consider it to be a free period to daydream and act like I am reading a book in the library. I never borrowed a book from my school library.

If only I knew back then how pleasurable and brilliant and important it is to cultivate this habit of reading ..

I vividly, however, remember when our library teacher would ask us to form a line and go to the library and the 60 of us forming a not-so-straight line walking out of our classroom. We would sit on those round shaped, dark brown tables, forming groups. I remember how it looked like being in the school library. The picture is in my head. Nostalgic.

However I never read. I only acted that I was reading. Maybe at times I read a page or two but I can’t even remember what I used to read or what kind of books were we offered to read. There used to be a pile of these 60ish books on the table and you had to randomly pick one to read for the next 30 mins.

If only I was a reader beginning from my school days, I would have read many more books than what I’ve today. I started reading occasionally in my late college years (2016) and have been reading avidly now. My reading diversified and has helped me grow – emotionally and intellectually.

The point which I wish to make here is – READ.

It is never too late to start reading. Over the last 3 years, I’ve read over 100 books. The 15 year old me might have never thought in her wildest dreams that I would grow up to be such a nerd. To be honest, it’s really funny. I got my 1st job because of my habit to read. I improved my hold on the English language and I am still working and learning to be better at it. I introduced myself to various cultures, religion, traditions, places, society, history and people from around the globe.

All you need is to take some time off your phone and pick a book which you want to read. There will never be a shortage of great books. Even if you have read one good book in your life, you will know what reading gives. When you invest money, you experience the magic of compounding. Same goes with when you choose to read a book over a video game. 

reading a book - Kinjal Parekh - Mumbai - India

I will always be a message away if you need any book recommendation.

Here is to reading more good books! Happy World Book Day!

Did you have a library period in your school? Do you have any bookish stories to share? I would love to read and know about it!

– Kinjal Parekh

Kinjal Parekh

Book Blogger || Finance Blogger || Mumbai, India || Indian Booktuber. Kinjal Parekh is highly passionate about reading books and learning about history. Her favorite genres include historic fictions, history non-fiction, mind-body-spirit and poetry books. She loves when a book makes her cry and make her feel vulnerable and emphatic. Apart from books, Kinjal loves to explore and understand how the financial and the economic world works for which she keeps reading economic, financial and business books. One book at a time, she aims to motivate non-readers cultivate the reading habit. She can talk about books all day and night and often tends to cancel out-side plans to stay back home and read a book.

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