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You got the job by Pradeep Khanapure

Book – You got the job!

Author – Praddeep Khaanapure

Genre – Non Fiction

Publisher – Penman Books (23 December 2019)

No. of pages – 119

Ratings – 5/5

About the book –

The core objective of the book is to make you think. There are many quick books that tell you what to do in the Interview. This is the ‘how to do it’ guide. Every section of the book is designed keeping every step for the Interview Preparation and how do you prepare the best way. Taking a job is like getting in a relationship. What would you expect from your life partner? Would you prefer a partner who is honest or someone who impresses you well in the first meeting but is somebody different later

This book is a genuine attempt to help you become an honest candidate yet be hired for the job.

The book shows both the side of the hiring process hence it becomes easier for you to understand what is going on the other side and prepare accordingly. Everyone knows what to do in the Interview, this book teaches the how.

So, if you follow the steps and act on it, trust me you don’t need to ask anyone for a job opening anywhere. This book will help you get the clarity on WHAT you want, WHY you want it and HOW to get it. So, pick up the book, learn act, be job ready and get hired.

Book Review –

This book is honestly very insightful and helpful for everyone who is clueless on how to face interviews. Rather than googling for the same monotony answers, you’ll be thinking for yourself.

Here is a quick, short and a precise video-review of the book where I’ve shared the context and how it shall benefit you.

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