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The Angel’s Beauty Spots: Three Novellas by K. R. Meera. Translated by J. Devika

Book – The Angel’s Beauty Spots: Three Novellas
Author – K. R. Meera
Translator – J. Devika
Publisher – Aleph Book Company
No of pages – 136

Ratings – 5/5⭐

About the book –

In these three stunningly original, lush and provocative novellas, award-winning writer K. R. Meera explores the tragedy, betrayal and violence that rise out of the dark heart of love. ‘The Angel’s Beauty Spots’ is a disquieting story about Angela’s repeated infidelities and the trauma of failed love; in ‘And Forgetting the Tree, I…’ Radhika tries to come to terms with a former love that refuses to leave her; and ‘The Deepest Blue’ uses magic and metaphor to tell the story of a wife who yearns for a love that transcends lifetimes. These novellas have been translated from the Malayalam by J. Devika.

Book Review

Last December (2018) i.e. almost 10 months back, I read The Poison Of Love by K. R. Meera and I was baffled and the story-line haunted me. It still does when I think about it. So the expectations I was carrying before reading this one were super high, and guess what? This one’s just insane!

Well, I literally was out of words after reading these 3 novellas in this book. My mind took a while to process what I just read and how classic it all was.

To talk about the emotions which I felt while reading – I can’t name few – but I’ve cried my heart out at times and have felt a pinch or a stabbing in my heart. It was painful. It was sweet and painful.

The first story talks about a woman who raises her two daughters and the aftermath of what happens when a tragedy occurs right in front of them. The second one will make you go mad with the story of Radhika and he past lover. And the third one, well, she did warn that the last story was only for the one’s who are firm-hearted and yet I took my chance and proceeded with it. It is about the love and the lust a wife will long for from some other man.

The Poision of Love

The stories will leave you longing for more. You will yearn to know more about what happens next but your yearnings won’t be served. That’s what K.R. Meera does. She makes us long for more by falling in love with what she creates. And makes us cry.

Lastly, this wouldn’t have had been possible without the brilliant translation by J. Devika. She made it possible for this book to reach thousands of other readers with the correct essence.

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– Kinjal Parekh

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