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Rearranging books on my shelf || INDIAN BOOKTUBER

Rearranging 400+ books on my shelf - Youtube

Let’s be honest – Rearranging books is one of our favorite pass-times. So here I am rearranging 400+ books on my bookshelf according to their size so that I can fit in as many books I can to optimize the space.

There, of course, are various ways on how one can rearrange books on their bookshelves but here I try to fit in as many books I can in my limited space. I have segregated the books according to their respective sizes. You have an option to rearrange your shelf according to Title Alphabets, Author’s name, Book spine’s color.

Or you could be rearranging books by separating the read and unread books on different shelf or paperbacks on one side and let hardcovers be on the other.

This was my way of rearranging books on my shelf. Tell me how do you arrange books? Are you running out of space to arrange all your books? What hacks do you you use? My hack is to rearrange books according to book size.. it has worked out for me to put in as many books I can.

I hope you are safe with your family. Keep Reading. In case you need help finding a book for yourself, I am always a message away to help you with the same.

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