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Samsara by Saksham Garg

Samsara by Saksham Garg

Book – Samsara by Saksham  Garg

Pages300 pages, Paperback

Genre Indian Mythology

Publisher – Penguin Random House India

Rating -

About The Book:

This is the story of Aman Chandra and 10 other people who are kidnapped from modern day India into a mystical world – a hidden valley in the Himalayas. They have to collectively work towards one goal.. but what they don’t realize is that there is a larger scheme at play. But why must they go on this journey? And how are the Gods connected to it all?

Book Review:

Samsara by Saksham Garg, a debut novel, is centered around the Rig Veda where the modern world meets ancient Indian culture & traditions. The story, plot, world-building in this book is so fresh and original that it made this book a page turner. As the book progressed, many new characters (students/teachers/etc) were introduced which made it difficult to keep a tab on after a point
I personally wasn’t able to relate/connect to half of them. But given that the next part is to be followed soon, I am guessing that they might have their own share of story going ahead.
Moving on, the book specifically stood out after I finished ~60% of it. Without giving any spoilers, the book somehow offered a very different perspective. Samsara is more than just a mystical or a magical adventure. It talks about something greater.
It makes one question the idea of God, the idea of living this life, it makes you question the creation, traditions and religions. For instance, since when did we start using ‘religion’ as a tool to validate violence and killing around the world? When did we start using the ‘God’ to validate inhumanities?
This was a game changer for me. The book clicked for me when this perspective was forced in.
The last 70 pages were a game changer and a tear-jerker for me. Few characters felt more personal than ever. A part of me is still at Vanyasa with Aman, Idhika, and Prithivi among others souls.
Aman Chandra, the protagonist, had a good character development from living a depressing life to living a life no one would have imagined. He had come a long way since the beginning of the book. One thing I liked about his character development is how it never felt unrealistic… the transition from one life setting to another was smooth, which is a challenging thing to do.
As I finished reading the book, a certain type of calmness drew over. I still have many questions about characters, plots, etc, but am only hoping that the second part answers them all. I already am looking forward to read the next part of this series!

Would I recommend this Book?

Yes! Please read it. It is an easy to read, page turner, thought provoking, heart-breaking, original debut work which I am sure everyone will love reading! If you are looking for a book to gift to a non-reader friend, this book might be a perfect fit!

Samsara by Saksham Garg

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My Favorite Quotes From Samsara -

“Not everyone finds happiness or attains something great. Most lives are insignificant and thus blown away into the sands of time.”

“If we are to create an ideal world, the land will belong to all creatures that crawl upon it – birds, flies, snakes, trees and everything that draws breath.”

“Find him and tell him that I died here on this day, young and very much in love, and with only thoughts of him.”

“Faith that was once pure and unsullied started being misused and we were the tools. People were whipped into submission using religion.”

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