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Deep State by Chris Hauty

Deep State by Chris Hauty || Book Review :

Book – Deep State

Author – Chris Hauty

Genre – Political Fiction, Thriller, Suspense

Publisher – Simon & Schuster (January 2020)

No. of pages – 384

Rating -

About the Book :

The Deep State – Noun a covert state hidden within a government; a secret organisation of high-level operatives; exerts control through manipulation and a culture of pain and fear. It is entrenched. It is hidden. It is deadly. Who can you trust?

The White House chief of Staff is dead, discovered collapsed in his home. Paramedics say it was a heart attack, but something’s not right – and only his intern, Hayley Chill, can see it. Things get really dangerous. There is a plot to assassinate the President, one they are ruthless about hiding. 

They know that someone is on to them, and soon they will know that it’s her. So Hayley must work like the deep state: infiltrate. Trust no one. Kill – or be killed. 

Book Review :

This book is totally insane and is a brilliant debut work!

Hayley Chill, the protagonist of this political thriller is working as an intern at the White House where unusual events happen one after the other. No one here is to trust. No one. 

The book starts with a very mysterious sense and some action. But it won’t be a while when the book will find a grip on you as you keep reading. As you keep reading, the book starts pacing in a more interesting way.

The flow of events is flawless and so are the characters. I totally love Hayley Chill for the woman she is – strong, smart and intelligent. Her character has been developed in a brilliant way talking about her family tragedies and her struggles with her emotions.

It had been a while since I read some good crime/political thriller and I totally enjoyed reading this book. Especially the last 100 pages totally blew my mind and I ended up reading the second half in one sitting! The last 100 pages totally made this book from a 3.5 star to 4.5 start read. That was something I did not see coming and wasn’t able to stop thinking about it once I was one reading it all!

I absolutely recommend reading Deep State by Chris Hauty. It is a light read, perfectly written with a great flow of events and is a page turner. If you aren’t a reader but are wanting to start one, I believe this would be a great book to read as a beginner.

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About the author :

Chris Hauty is a screenwriter who has worked at all the major movie studios, in nearly every genre of film. He currently lives in Venice, California, in the company of a classic Triumph motorcycle and a feral cat. Deep State is his first novel. 

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