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6 Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You by Chandan Deshmukh

Book – 6 Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You

Author – Chandan Deshmukh

Genre – Non Fiction

Publisher – Penguin Publisher

No. of pages – 350

Ratings – 4/5

About The Book :

The book, ‘Six Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You’ is a useful book that helps the readers to improve their studying skills. This book tries to answer the pressing question which is generally asked by all students and parents – how to become smarter at studies? This book is a compilation of focused research and useful insights which help to answer this particular question. It is written in a language that is easy to read and involves many examples that enhance its readability.

The age old saying that ‘successful people don’t do different things, they do things differently’ is the basic premise of this book. The author has taken many successful students as his reference for research. Then, he tries to find a common line of what works!

Book Review :

How do smart students succeed? How do they crack exams and come out on top?

What tricks do they have up their sleeves? How do they succeed in life?

The book is a very honest attempt to answer these questions in a very simple and a reader friendly language. As it  goes, the book is a result of the author’s extensive research to make best advice and tricks available to such students with a pinch of humor. There are various goal tables and questions which are answered which makes it easily accessible to sort out and write down their goals and visions.

“Vision without action is daydreaming. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

You can consider gifting this book to as a gift to school students. It would prove to be very helpful to get their priorities right especially if he/she has their board exam on their way. The book is only 160 pages long written in a very simple language perfect for young readers.

About the author :

Chandan Deshmukh, a TEDx speaker, is a 29-year-old Bengaluru based Electronics and Communication Engineer by chance and an SAP Basis engineer by profession. While in school and college, Chandan preferred reading smart students over textbooks. This enabled him to unearth the plethora of secrets that are laid bare in this book. Theatre is Chandan’s first love and he has acted and anchored on and off the screen. When he is not scaring his family with weird philosophies, he is likely to be swimming, travelling or bungee jumping. 

– Kinjal Parekh

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