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House Fires by Connor Franta

House Fires by Connor Franta

Book – House Fires

Author – Connor Franta

Pages304 pages, Hardcover

Genre Biographies & Autobiographies (Books), Poetry

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About The Book:

The book is a compilation of Connor’s personal stories, poetry, and some breathtakingly beautiful pictures. The book highlights the ups and down of Connor Franta which has been one of the most relatable books I’ve read in recent days. In its most raw form, the book talks about anxiety, emotional turmoils, nothingness, love, breakups, depression, and much more of what makes us human.

Every chapter is short (3-5 pages) which makes the book easy to read. The lyrical, poetic way of his with words makes you want to not stop reading.

Book Review:

Reading every chapter made me feel some kind of solace. I am not sure why. I felt pain when Connor was describing his pain for possibly two reasons – one that it was relatable, and two because no one deserves to live with such baggage.

Before I write any further, I must say that Connor Franta is an excellent writer! He has a way with his words. Most of the chapters here in this book are heartfelt. One needs the courage to write/talk openly about such raw emotions. I say this because I don’t. I’ve never been able to write or talk about how it feels to feel void, or how it feels to feel nothing from the inside. It physically hurts. Moreover, you need some strength to openly talk about severe anxiety and depression.

Anyway, coming back to this book. The love and pain. The vulnerability. The brutal honesty.

Would I recommend this Book?

Well, Connor really shared a few really ugly days (and happy ones too) of his when he felt absolutely nowhere. I was frankly very much able to relate & understand his words, and the emotions they brought with themselves to a certain degree.

He described his happy and sad days with such beauty that for some reason felt fine. It felt bearable. It felt like there is tomorrow and today is not when the world ends.

Am I making sense here? I hope so..

Anyway, when I ponder why would Connor want to share his vulnerable details, the first thing that comes to my head is that because many (read: everyone) today need to know that they are not alone and feeling void or depressed is not the end. Reach out to someone if you need a silent company. If you are doing well, then reach out to someone who can use your help.

If you are a fan of Connor then it obviously is a must read. If you don’t really know much about him just like I didn’t before reading this book), it is a very delightful read about certain chapters about his life which he graciously has shared and invited us to read. Give it a read. You’d enjoy it.

My Favorite Quotes From House Fire by Connor Franta -

“I’m reminded time and time again: Just because things are bad sometimes doesn’t mean they will be that way forever. And, likewise, just because happy moments don’t bolster endless effervescence doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them while you embrace them in your arms.”

Connor Franta, House Fires


“Growth redefines itself without permission.”

Connor Franta, House Fires


“And that progress breeds potential. And potential emits hope.”

Connor Franta, House Fires


“Emotions are complex and sharing them can be a trauma in itself. But the truth holsters power, and it’s often not what the world wants it to be. Whether it be the bravery to walk truth into the light or the strength to claim it as your own, it takes grit to live in sincerity. Many try, some fail, but most turn a blind eye and hope they never face it.”

Connor Franta, House Fires


“The unknown overpowers the known time and time again. You overturn a stone just to find another stone underneath it. It’s magic and madness just the same. Every bit of it. From life to death, no matter the pathway or the outcome. We stare at the fire and find ourselves falling into tomorrow.”

Connor Franta, House Fires


“Identity is complex. There’s no way around it. The deeper you allow yourself to dive into it, the farther down the rabbit hole you’ll go..”

Connor Franta, House Fires

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