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Three Thousand Stitches by Sudha Murty

Book – Three Thousand Stitches
Author – Sudha Murty
Publishers – Penguin Random House India
No. of pages – 179
Genre – Non Fiction
Stars – 4.5/5

About the book –

So often, it’s the simplest acts of courage that touch the lives of others. Sudha Murty-through the exceptional work of the Infosys Foundation as well as through her own youth, family life and travels-encounters many such stories… And she tells them here in her characteristically clear-eyed, warm-hearted way.

Unmasking both the beauty and ugliness of human nature, each of the real-life stories in this collection is reflective of a life lived with grace.

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Book Review –

This book is a compilation of 11 short stories about Sudha Murty’s life as a young girl, stories about her father, her story as a college student and also as Chairperson of Infosys foundation. This book has been shortlisted for the 16th Crossword Book Awards 2018 under Popular Choice Awards!

I you have read any of her book before, you already know how beautiful and heart warming the stories are. And the fact that they all are true incidents makes me very emotional. I connect at a different level while reading Sudha Murty.

The first story itself tells a tale which explains the title of the book. It’s story of how Sudha Murty changed lives of 3000 Devdasis even though she received backslashes in the beginning. It is one of my very favorite tales.

There were 3 to 4 stories in this book which I didn’t personally liked nor felt connected. I didn’t understand why were those stories in the book. But non-the-less, apart from those 3/4 tales, the other tales won my heart. The language was simple and direct. I must say, Sudha Murty has excellent storytelling skills!

The other stories tells about her relation with her father, grand parents too which are absolutely amazing. The stories bought tears in my eyes.
She also has a story where you will find out why she gave up/sacrificed shopping.

Over and all, beautiful book with beautiful stories. Totally worth investing out time reading this book. If you have never read a book before and want to start with something, pick any books by Sudha Murty, NonFiction (short stories).

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About the author –

Sudha Murty was born in 1950 in Shiggaon in north Karnataka. She did her MTech in computer science and is now the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. A prolific writer in English and Kannada, she has written novels, technical books, travelogues, collections of short stories and non-fictional pieces and four books for children. Her books have been translated into all the major Indian languages. Sudha Murty was the recipient of the R.K. Narayan Award for Literature and the Padma Shri in 2006 and the Attimabbe Award from the government of Karnataka for excellence in Kannada literature in 2011.

– Kinjal Parekh

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