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Dear Reader,

You’ve got to love yourself. Don’t be nervous of being nervous. It is the proof that you are on your way to discover new truths, new secrets, new dimensions about yourself. It is the proof that you are no longer hanging up to any ‘boredom’ but are living rather than just existing. But be afraid. Be afraid of being afraid. The day you let your knees tremble just because you weren’t brave enough to question any happening or do your work – be it for the first time or ‘n’th time, you are no longer living the game. You have got to stop letting things upset you which would not matter 2 years from now.

Start. Start with anything but start.

You see? It matters. Don’t give a damn if the start was an ace or went out of pace. Just, start. With anything! Start a conversation with the stranger in the train sitting right besides you who is reading a book. Start dancing with no music on, decorating your wall, learning what you want to. Working on what you are dreaming to have tomorrow. Start being to just ‘be’. Your life will throw things at you. Take initiative to take some efforts or a lots of efforts. I don’t want to rant here about how important is. You already do know that, atleast somewhere in the back of your mind.

So, this post is a reminder.

To give it a chance. To let it happen. To make a change. And to bring a change. Let go the doubts you hold in your mind and for once, just for once make a move. Just a step and I promise the rest will follow. And if you fall down after getting up, don’t stay down. Or else, sit back regretting to never stand up.

Jump higher instead. And more importantly, do not complain if you don’t have resources to start with. Because there is ALWAYS a way out. Find a temporary substitute, but  S TA R T .

– Kinjal Parekh

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Kinjal Parekh

Book Blogger || Finance Blogger || Mumbai, India || Indian Booktuber. Kinjal Parekh is highly passionate about reading books and learning about history. Her favorite genres include historic fictions, history non-fiction, mind-body-spirit and poetry books. She loves when a book makes her cry and make her feel vulnerable and emphatic. Apart from books, Kinjal loves to explore and understand how the financial and the economic world works for which she keeps reading economic, financial and business books. One book at a time, she aims to motivate non-readers cultivate the reading habit. She can talk about books all day and night and often tends to cancel out-side plans to stay back home and read a book.

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