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7 Sutras of Innovation by Nikhil Inamdar with Marico Innovation Foundation

Book – 7 Sutras of Innovation – Stories of scale ups that are transforming India.

Author – Nikhil Inamdar with Marico Innovation Foundation

Genre – Business

Publisher – Jaico Books (15 January, 2020)

No. of pages – 264

Ratings – 4/5

About the book –

The book is a collection of 8 diverse organizations in term of sectors, operations, business models and products. which scaled up to become the top players in their own field of work. The book distills seven universal and powerful sutras that are common to their success stories as they made the critical transition from being start-ups to scale-ups.

Stories of organisations featured in the book – 

  1. Tonbo Imagine
  2. Goonj
  3. Rivigo
  4. ISRO
  5. Forus Health
  6. Agastya International Foundation
  7. The Better India
  8. St. Judes

Book Review –

The book focuses on each organization giving us a detailed information by describing their journey. The book has set 7 parameters noting the success and their scale ups. In the phase of growing up, we tend to un-see the most important things and qualities which actually inspires this entire process. In this book, 7 Sutra of Innovation, you discover, learn and understand how an organization rose up like a skyscraper and where or when was the idea actually born as an idea.

I believe this book is really very helpful and shall inspire the next unicorn in India. Written in a simple language, every story has something unique to offer to it’s reader.

Do you know how did Tonbo Imagine begin taking its root? What were Arvind Lakshmikumar’s (Founder / CEO) plan? How did the name come up? How did Arvind Lakshmikumar approach an angel funding without having an actual plan?

You will find it out here in this book!

Likewise, stories and journeys are shared in the book to serve the bright mind and force them to think in a more logical manner to become the next unicorn and to push them towards innovation rather than being a monotony. The Better India ‘s story really motivated and fascinated me on how something which started as a passion over the weekend ended up being an actual day-job where they talked and featured unsung heroes of our country.

The book is highly recommended to learn about these organizations and understand the motto of the dream which you dream to create.

About the Author –

NIKHIL INAMDAR is a senior journalist and bestselling author living in Mumbai. He was previously a news anchor with NDTV. His writings have appeared in a range of illustrious global and local publications.

– Kinjal Parekh

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